Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Vikings Playoff Tickets

It will be interesting to see how the prices change on Vikings Playoff Tickets after the Minnesota Vikings were embarrassed in Arizona. My hunch is that if the Minnesota Vikings limp into the playoffs, the Vikings Playoff Tickets will become even more affordable. However, if it looks like there is a chance that the Minnesota Vikings have a chance to play the Green Bay packers, look for prices to soar! With entry level tickets going for around $100/Ticket, I would buy Vikings Playoff Tickets now and not risk paying more later. SKOL VIKINGS!!!


Vikings Fan Left Out In The Cold said...

I agree Twin Cities Tickets Blog - it seems Vikings Ticket prices are going up so people should buy now rather than later. I wish I would have bought Minnesota Vikings Tickets to this Sundays Vikings Bengals Game weeks ago because the prices sky-rocketed!

laura said...

tickets for a vikings vs. packers game is so worth it. i just want to see favre one up the packers!

Anonymous said...

With the win over the Bengals, the Vikings clinch a playoff spot. Yeah! Time to find some Vikings Playoff Tickets!