Monday, December 28, 2009

Minnesota Vikings VIP Parking

A buddy of mine went to the last Minnesota Vikings home game and was lucky enough to have a Minnesota Vikings VIP Parking Pass. He and his family parked on the Metrodome property right by the Minnesota Vikings Ticket Office. He said that he was able to park about 100 yards from the Metrodome gate. All I know, is that when it is cold outside, it sure sounds nice to be able to park on the Metrodome property for a Vikings game. It sounds like you could almost leave your jacket in the car. I don't know ho he got Vip Parking for the Minnesota Vikings but I am definitely going to try to find a Minnesota Vip Parking Pass next time I go to a Vikings game. GO VIKES!!!

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Anonymous said...

I think you can buy them. Not completely sure though. I know when I worked at the Metrodome we got it, so maybe he knows someone who works there?