Friday, September 11, 2009

Obstructed View Vikings Tickets

A buddy of mine went to the Vikings vs. Cowboys game last week and bought a few Minnesota Vikings Tickets from a "scalper" outside the Metrodome. The good news was that the Vikings Tickets were only $5/Ticket but the bad news was that the Vikings Football Tickets were "Obstructed View." I did some checking and found that all Obstructed View Vikings Tickets are stamped "Obstructed View." Apparently any Vikings seat in the upper level in row 26 or lower does NOT have any obstruction however, any seats above row 26 may be obstructed. My advice is to only Buy Vikings Tickets from a reputable source or a local company like Ticket King and to make sure that the Vikings Tickets aren't stamped "Obstructed View." My buddy ended up finding a couple of empty seats in the lower level because his seats were directly behind a cement pillar and couldn't see any of the field. GO VIKES!!!

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Anonymous said...

I feel your pain! Except my pain came in the form of a birthday present from my girlfriend for their final reg. season against the Giants last year. She was royally P.O.'d and I felt really bad because she had no clue (i wouldnt have either). thankfully it wasnt a packed house and we relocated.