Monday, September 21, 2009

Minnesota Gophers vs. Purdue Boilermakers Tickets

Why are Purdue Boilermakers Tickets, when they play at the Minnesota Gophers, a hot commodity? My only guess is that it is due to the fact that it is Homecoming for the Minnesota Gophers. Aftermarket Gopher Football Ticket prices for this game are higher than the Gopher Ticket prices were last week versus the nationally ranked Cal Bears. What gives? Historically, when the Gophers play the Boilermakers, no one cares. My hunch is that Gopher Football Tickets for this game will continue to go up in price when all of the Minnesota Graduates realize that this is the first Homecoming game at TCF Bank Stadium. SKI-U-MAH!

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B said...

My friend goes to the U and is already talking about how expensive students are selling their seats for... I can only imagine what seats that were more to begin with and are being sold to non-students are going for!