Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Minnesota Twins Exhibition Game Tickets

It is hard to believe but the Minnesota Twins are completely sold out of all Minnesota Twins Exhibition Game Tickets. Twins fans must be super fired up for outdoor MLB. I wonder if everyone who bought Twins Tickets to the games on 4/2 & 4/3 realize that the games don't actually matter? I guess the bottom line is that Twins fans haven't been able to watch baseball outside in like 30 years. I totally underestimated how excited the people of Minnesota would actually be for Target Field. At this point, I am a total believer and I am confident that the Twins will set franchise records for total attendance this year. You had better buy Twins tickets now before it is too late.


B said...

I think people are just eager to be the first to see Target Field

Anonymous said...

truly an experience. that Target Field is beautiful

Paul Smith said...

I remember the entire game! It was as great as the World! God bless you, guys! Keep up the good work! Our writing editing services - is striving for professionalism and perfection in their writing career!