Thursday, August 13, 2009

Vikings vs. Lions Tickets

With all of the Brett Favre hype this summer, The Minnesota Vikings vs. Green Bay Packers game has gotten a lot of attention and consequently the tickets to the game are expensive. There are however, lots of great games on the Minnesota Vikings Schedule that have received less attention and therefore have much cheaper tickets. A great example is the Week 10 Vikings vs. Detroit Lions match-up. The Detroit Lions will travel to the HHH Metrodome on Sunday November 15th for a 12:00 game against the Minnesota Vikings.

I found tickets for seats in Section 225 facing the Big Scoreboard in the Metrodome for only $30. I have also seen Minnesota Vikings Tickets on the Goal Line on the Vikings Side for only $40 online. Like the rest of the Vikings Tickets though, these seats will get more expensive the closer it gets to the game and the better the Vikings do, my suggestion would be to buy cheap Vikings tickets early before the prices go up.


Anonymous said...

Its crazy how one week can make such a difference in ticket prices, looks like the season didn't need to get closer to bump up ticket prices a lot... just took a certain former cheese head to make up his mind

B said...

Thanks for the ticket tips... I really want to see Favre play in purple but am not going to shell out for the Packers-Vikings Game, I'll see you Week 10!