Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Minnesota Viking Tickets

After the Minnesota Vikings big win last night over the New Orleans Saints, I jumped on my computer to see what the deal was on Minnesota Viking Tickets. I was totally amazed by the fact that you can buy a Vikings Ticket for the game this Sunday for $5. What is going on in the St. Paul/Minneapolis ticket scene? I am actually a little embarrassed to be a Vikings fan because of the fact that regular season Viking Football Tickets are being sold for $5. Keep in mind that if the Vikings go on a long winning streak, all of the fair weather fans will come out of the woodwork and it will cost $100/Ticket for the later games. WHAT A JOKE!!!


Anonymous said...

THat is crazy! I think we'll buy tickets for this weekend's game - they're so cheap!

Cortney said...

Wow, looks like prices are pretty good for the Vikings vs. Texans tickets!