Thursday, August 28, 2008

Atmosphere at First Avenue Nightclub

First Avenue Nightclub is going to welcome back our favorite Minneapolis based Indie Hip-Hop group! Atmosphere will be returning to First Avenue Nightclub on Sunday, November 2ND and I know that these tickets will be a very hot commodity! Especially since there is only one show this time compared to multiple shows the last time Atmosphere rocked First Avenue. Atmosphere was also the main headliner at Soundset this past May, drawing a crowd of almost 12,000 fans.

After more than a decade of hosting sold-out shows at First Avenue Nightclub, we can only expect the same this year. Another added bonus this year for some, is that smoking is no longer permitted anywhere in the venue. So get your First Avenue Nightclub tickets to Atmosphere now before its too late!

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Anonymous said...

i'm so excited! it feels like forever since atmosphere last played there, i can't wait!