Saturday, May 3, 2008

Vikings vs. Colts Tickets

It looks like the Minnesota Vikings game versus the Indianapolis Colts is a super hot ticket. Historically speaking, the Vikings home opener isn't a sought after ticket but this year, it looks to be in very high demand. Ticket prices range form $69.00/Ticket for a seat in the "nose bleed" area to $399/Ticket for a seat on the 50 yardline in the lower level. Those prices are double what Vikings Tickets for the home opener at the Metrodome have sold for in years past. My gut tells me that it is Colts fans that are driving up the demand and pushing the prices to a higher than normal level. GO VIKES!!!


Wisconsin Music Man said...

I can see the Colts tearing up the HHH Dome. One turf team going against another turf team. What a matchup!

vicky said...

I got a nice Peterson jersey from