Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Minnesota Vikings Playoff Tickets?

I didn't think that there was any chance that I would bring up Minnesota Vikings Playoff Tickets this year. However, the recent winning streak by my favorite NFL team has mad it possible that the Minnesota Vikings Ticket Office will have to mail out applications for 2007 Vikings Playoff Tickets. If the Vikings beat the Detroit Lions this Sunday, they are totally back in the N.F.L playoff hunt. Historically, the first round playoff games are a really soft ticket but if this Minnesota Vikings Team rallies for a Playoff spot on the Back of Adrian Peterson, I think the the band-wagon fans would storm the HHH Metrodome for a playoff game. I am sure that I have totally jinxed the Vikings by writing about them going to the NFL Playoffs but who cares, it is fun to consider. GO VIKINGS!!!

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Wisconsin Music Man said...

I would rather see a Vikings vs Packers playoff game than a Bears vs Packers game. The big rivalry might be Vik's vs Pack, but I'm still a Bears hater.