Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Buccaneers Tickets

Out of curiosity, I did some shopping for Buccaneers tickets and couldn't believe home inexpensive that they are. It looks as though, Ticket King in Minneapolis even owns some Tampa Bay Buccaneers season tickets. There is a ton of availability and you can sit in the lower level for close to face value for most of the Buccaneers games. The only game that is expensive is the Pittsburgh Steelers game. I have been to Raymond James Stadium before and I really enjoyed sitting by the Pirate ship. The fans are super rowdy and they take their football seriously! If your favorite NFL team ever visits the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, I highly recommend making the trip. Keep in mind, it doesn't snow in Tampa!

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Minnesota Zoo DEVO Tickets

Seeing DEVO in person has always been on my "Bucket List" and I was given the opportunity to check that one off my list last Saturday at the Minnesota Zoo. All I can say is "WOW." Not only was DEVO really good, my Minnesota Zoo DEVO tickets were awesome. I sat in Row C of the Left section just six seats from the inside aisle. Row C is actually the front row of the Left section at the Minnesota Zoo Amphitheatre. From my seats, I was approximately ten feet from the band. The only complaint that I have is that the seats were very close to the speakers and my ears rang for two days. Other than that, the entire experience was incredible. When buying Minnesota Zoo tickets, don't be afraid to sit in the Left or Right sections, unless you are on the outside aisles, the seats are really good. I bought my DEVO Minnesota Zoo tickets from Ticket King the day before the show and got a really good deal! Just remember, "Whip it real good."

Minnesota Twins Dugout Box Section Three Tickets

My wife and I took two of our Daughters to the Minnesota Twins game at target Field last weekend. We were lucky enough to score four Twins tickets in Dugout Box Section Three. Other than the fact that it felt like it was approximately 110 degrees, we had a spectacular time at target Field in Minneapolis, MN. The vantage point was really good and one of my daughter even got a ball from one of the Tampa Bay Rays coaches. I just hope that my kids aren't spoiled now and will expect to sit in the Dugout Box and get a ball at every Minnesota Twins game. If you ever have a chance to sit in Dugout Box Section Three Minnesota Twins tickets, you should jump at the chance. GO TWINS!!!