Tuesday, December 29, 2009

College Bowl Game Tickets

If you missed out on buying Aggies Football Tickets to the Independence Bowl, you didn’t miss much. Texas A and M got hammered by the Georgia Bulldogs 44-20. I think I am most looking forward to watching the Rose Bowl on New Years Day. Oregon Ducks vs Ohio State Buckeyes – I think it will be a great game. There are still sites out there that have Oregon Ducks Football Tickets but it will cost about $350. As a college football junkie, I love this time of year. You can hardly get me away from the T.V. College Bowl games have the tendency to suck me in especially when the Vikings suck. Happy New Year Football Fans!

Monday, December 28, 2009

Minnesota Vikings VIP Parking

A buddy of mine went to the last Minnesota Vikings home game and was lucky enough to have a Minnesota Vikings VIP Parking Pass. He and his family parked on the Metrodome property right by the Minnesota Vikings Ticket Office. He said that he was able to park about 100 yards from the Metrodome gate. All I know, is that when it is cold outside, it sure sounds nice to be able to park on the Metrodome property for a Vikings game. It sounds like you could almost leave your jacket in the car. I don't know ho he got Vip Parking for the Minnesota Vikings but I am definitely going to try to find a Minnesota Vip Parking Pass next time I go to a Vikings game. GO VIKES!!!

Sunday, December 20, 2009

Vikings Playoff Tickets

I just checked online and it looks like Minnesota Vikings Playoff Tickets have gone down in price. It is now possible to get in for $95/Ticket and to get a lower level seats for $215/Ticket. I am sure that if the Minnesota Vikings lose in Chicago, Vikings Playoff Tickets will drop in price again. All things considered, $95/Ticket for a Vikings Playoff Ticket is super affordable. Keep in mind, there is still a chance that the first home game for the Minnesota Vikings will be against the Green Bay Packers. Just imagine what will happen to Minnesota Vikings Playoff Ticket Prices then! Go Vikings!!!

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Vikings Ticket Scalping

I have heard from a lot of fans this year that there have been counterfeit and stolen Minnesota Vikings Tickets sold outside the Metrodome on the days of the Vikings games. All I can say is that "buyer beware" and that I recommend dealing with a reputable Minnesota Ticket Broker ahead of time to make sure that you actually get into the game. Why wait until the day of the game when there are always plenty of reasonably priced Vikings Tickets to be had online? Generally speaking, if the Vikings game is a marquee match up, the likelihood of getting burned outside of the dome goes up. GO VIKINGS!!!

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Vikings Playoff Tickets

It will be interesting to see how the prices change on Vikings Playoff Tickets after the Minnesota Vikings were embarrassed in Arizona. My hunch is that if the Minnesota Vikings limp into the playoffs, the Vikings Playoff Tickets will become even more affordable. However, if it looks like there is a chance that the Minnesota Vikings have a chance to play the Green Bay packers, look for prices to soar! With entry level tickets going for around $100/Ticket, I would buy Vikings Playoff Tickets now and not risk paying more later. SKOL VIKINGS!!!

Saturday, December 5, 2009

Minnesota Vikings Playoff Tickets

If you are looking to secure some Minnesota Vikings Playoff Tickets, you should go online now! It looks like you can buy Minnesota Vikings Playoff Tickets in the upper level for around $100/Ticket and Lower Level Vikings Playoff Tickets for around $225/Ticket. I recommend that you buy now because there is a chance that the Minnesota Vikings will host the Green Bay Packers at the Metrodome. If that happens, be prepared for the prices to go up drastically. GO VIKES!!!