Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Soul Asylum Tickets Minnesota Zoo Amphitheatre

I checked around and found that there are great bargains to be had on Soul Asylum Tickets for their show at the Minnesota Zoo. This local band that formed in Minneapolis in 1983 generally sells out whenever they play in the Twin Cities but not this time. If you need Minnesota Zoo Tickets for the Soul Asylum show, check out any number of ticket websites - Ticket King has no fees and the best prices for this show at the Minnesota Zoo Amphitheatre! Go check out Soul Asylum at the Minnesota Zoo because it is a great place to see a show unless it rains.

Monday, June 29, 2009

Cheap Twins Tickets

I was surprised to find how inexpensive Minnesota Twins Tickets are for this weekend's series against the Detroit Tigers. I thought that Twins Tickets for this series were going to be a big deal because the Minnesota Twins are playing the Detroit Tigers who are in first place in the division. I think that the fact that the series lands over fourth of July weekend has hurt the demand. Whatever the reason is, I would wait until the last minute to buy Twins Tickets for this weekend because it appears as though there is an abundance of Minnesota Twins Tickets available and prices should drop. As usual, I found the cheapest prices on Ticket King's website. GO TWINS!!!

Saturday, June 27, 2009

Favre is a Viking

I just read on the Ticket King Twitter that they have reliable information regarding Brett Favre becoming a member of the Minnesota Vikings. Ticket King Twittered: HOT RUMOR! - A Ticket King source has told us that Favre has bought a house in Prior Lake, MN - Buy Vikings Tickets now before prices go up!

I would buy Minnesota Vikings Tickets now because I am sure that the Vikings Ticket market will explode. It could get crazy around here if Ticket King's source is correct. I can picture Brett Favre in a #4 Vikings jersey holding the Super Bowl trophy!!! SKOL VIKINGS!!!

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Great Saint Paul Saints Tickets

While surfing the web this past weekend, I checked Ticket King, my favorite Minnesota ticket broker, that sells tons of tickets to all Minnesota events and I found that they handle Saint Paul Saint Tickets. I’m really excited about this because I have been looking for a trustworthy source to buy St. Paul Saints tickets from and I love to support the local guy. The best thing about TicketKing and the Saint Paul Saints is that they have great Saints tickets at just above the face value! I can't wait to go enjoy a little outside baseball and tailgate at Midway Stadium! See ya there!

Monday, June 22, 2009

Minnesota Wild Tickets Hot Commodity Next Year

It's only been a few days since the Minnesota Wild General Manager Chuck Fletcher, named Minnesota-native Todd Richards as the team's new Head Coach. And already, I've got a great feeling about next season!

Todd Richards previously played collegiately with the University of Minnesota Golden Gophers and spent last season as an Assistant Coach for the San Jose Sharks. In all 13 of his professional seasons as a player, as well as all seven as a Head Coach or Assistant Coach, Todd Richards has made the playoffs. Because the General Manager-Coach relationship is so important in the success of the organization, the Minnesota Wild already have a great advantage next season. Chuck Fletcher was able to hire his own Head Coach and has a proven track record working with Todd Richards. It looks like the Minnesota Wild have the right idea- to hire passionate, experienced people to work off the ice and demand that the players play an aggressive, up-tempo style on the ice.

They're going to be a hard team to play against this season, yet still exciting and entertaining for the fans. I can't wait to watch a faster brand of hockey at the Xcel Energy Center. I'll bet the Minnesota Wild tickets for next season will be one of the hottest commodities around!

Friday, June 19, 2009

Future of Timberwolves Tickets

There has definitely been a lot going on lately with the Timberwolves—and I completely agree with the decision to ‘clean house’ and basically start over from scratch! To have kept Kevin McHale would have signaled to Timberwolves fans and the Twin Cities in general that the status quo was “OK” and that change is not necessary!

My hope with all this change is to see Minnesota Timberwolves season ticket sales increase! How awesome would it be to attend a T-wolves game to a packed crowd?! And not just when the ‘big wigs’ are in town, but every game, because the Timberwolves are the big wigs! I think the Timberwolves are right on track and that Timberwolves tickets will become a sought after ticket in the next couple of years! I’d buy my Minnesota Timberwolves Season tickets now, while the selection is really good!

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Minnesota Twins Tickets Disappearing Fast

Wow! I can't believe how few tickets there are out there in Ticket Land for the Minnesota Twins Series this weekend against the Houston Astros! There have been a lot more Minnesota Twins tickets available for basically every other series this year than there are now for this weekend’s series!

I wonder why that is….The Minnesota Twins have been out of town for over two weeks, have Minnesota Twins fans just felt neglected after three away series in a row!? Or is the demand up that much just because the series falls on Father’s Day weekend? It seems plausible that a lot of people would buy Minnesota Twins tickets for their father’s for a great Father’s Day gift.

All I know is that if I’m serious about going to any of the games this weekend, I better buy my Twins tickets now if I want to sit anywhere but the "nose-bleed" sections! Anyone else out there thinking of buying Minnesota Twins tickets for this series against the Houston Astros better buy now because I don't think prices are going to drop!

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

TCF Bank Stadium Tickets

I feel sorry for those of you that haven't a chance to visit the University of Minnesota campus in Minneapolis and see the new Gophers Football stadium. TCF Bank Stadium looks AWESOME!!! Just seeing TCF Stadium made me wonder how I was going to get Golden Gophers Football Tickets for the inaugural game at the new Golden Gophers Stadium versus Air Force. If that game has even close to the same demand as the first ever Minnesota Wild game at the Xcel Energy Center, I am going to have to shell out some BIG BUCKS if I want Gopher Football Tickets. Oh well, I guess that it is only money and you only live once!