Thursday, February 28, 2008

Affordable Minnesota Wild Tickets?!

I think that the recent losing streak by the Minnesota Wild has loosened up the Wild ticket supply. This Sunday’s game of Minnesota Wild vs Los Angeles Kings is super affordable. You can get in the door for around $40/ticket and into the lower level for $80/ticket. Those prices are much lower than last Sunday’s game versus the Calgary Flames. I recommend snapping up some Minnesota Wild Tickets for this Sunday’s game because unless the Minnesota Wild continue to lose, you won’t have another opportunity to see a Wild game at those prices. Even if the team is going through a rough stretch, the Xcel Energy Center is still a great place to watch a Minnesota Wild hockey game. GO WILD!!!

Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Gopher Hockey Ticket Demand

Gopher Hockey ticket demand has reached a new low. Historically speaking, whenever the Minnesota Golden Gophers play the Wisconsin Badgers, you can’t touch a ticket without having to pay big bucks. Well this year, my buddy was able to buy two tickets for less than face value outside Mariucci Arena on Saturday. What is the world coming to when you can buy Badgers vs. Gopher Hockey Tickets for less than face value? I think that there is only one more home Gopher Hockey series this year. Don’t pay too much because if Gopher vs. Badger Hockey Tickets are cheap, I am sure that the ticket prices for the rest of the season will be super cheap. GO GOPHERS!!!

Thursday, February 21, 2008

Minnesota Twins tickets expensive

Minnesota Twins opening day tickets are super expensive. Ticket prices for opening day are historically similar to the prices of the series’ versus the New York Yankees and the Boston Red Sox. However, this year it looks like Twins Opening Day Tickets are the most sought after. I am sure that it has something to do with the fact that it is Torii Hunter’s first game back at the dome. If you aren’t dying to be at the Metrodome for Opening Day, the prices for the three games after opening day are way less. You can get great Minnesota Twins Tickets for those games for around $50/ticket versus $175/Ticket for the March 31st/Opening Day game. GO TWINS!!!

Monday, February 18, 2008

Wisconsin Badgers Basketball Tickets

I know that I generally don't comment on tickets to events outside of Minneapolis/St. Paul but I need to make an exception. I went to Madison for the Gopher Basketball game versus the Wisconsin Badgers last Saturday. We didn't get to the game until tip off and I was amazed to see all of the people standing outside the Kohl Center looking for tickets. I asked one of the "Scalpers" what Wisconsin Badgers Basketball Tickets were selling for and I was told that it was $60 to just get in the door. Not too bad for a stadium that hold like 17,000 people. It makes me wonder what tickets will sell for outside Williams Arena when the Gopher Basketball team makes the next step.

Friday, February 15, 2008

Minnesota Vikings Raise Prices

I wasn't surprised to hear that the Minnesota Vikings raised the price of Minnesota Vikings Tickets for the upcoming season. For example, the season tickets that they sold for $196.10/season last year were raised to $250/season this year. That is a pretty big percentage increase. I am sure that if the Minnesota Vikings actually have a good year on the field next year, the Vikings will really stick it to their season ticket holders and jack the prices up even higher.

For those Vikings season ticket holders that are feeling sorry for themselves, there are actually some NFL teams that hammered their season ticket holder even more than the Vikings did. The Tampa Bay Buccaneers raised the price of Tampa Bay Buccaneers Tickets in the lower level end zone from $710/season ticket to $990/season ticket. All I can say is "OUCH."

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Minnesota State High School Hockey Tickets

It's February in Minnesota which means that Minnesota State High School Hockey Tickets have been sent out to those lucky enough to be season ticket holders. The Minnesota Ticket Broker prices on Minnesota State Hockey Tickets this year appear to be similar to the prices that they charged last year. All of the sessions basically range in price from $59 to $99 per ticket. Anyone who has been to the Xcel Energy Center for the Minnesota State Hockey Tournament knows that it is worth every penny. Keep in mind that prices generally spike right after the teams are announced so buy your Minnesota State Hockey Tickets now!

Sunday, February 3, 2008

Golden Gopher Basketball Tickets

I spent the last week monitoring the prices on Minnesota Golden Gopher Basketball Tickets for the game this afternoon versus the Wisconsin Badgers. Prices definitely went up after the Minnesota Gophers beat the Michigan Wolverines on Thursday. If you were interested in sitting between the base lines in a non obstructed good row, you had to be willing to shell out around $145/Ticket. On Sunday, you couldn't buy Gophers Basketball Tickets like that at any price. I am sure that the Wisconsin badger fans scooped up a lot of the tickets.

After the Minnesota Gophers lost today, you can expect demand for Minnesota Golden Gophers Basketball Tickets to really drop. I wouldn't recommend rushing out to buy tickets for any of the remaining games because I am sure that the prices will go down closer to each of the games. However, if for some reason the Gophers go on a roll and win a couple of games in a row and have a chance to make the NCAA Tournament, demand will go up for the last couple of Gopher games. GO GOLDEN GOPHERS!!!