Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Minnesota Vikings Playoff Tickets?

I didn't think that there was any chance that I would bring up Minnesota Vikings Playoff Tickets this year. However, the recent winning streak by my favorite NFL team has mad it possible that the Minnesota Vikings Ticket Office will have to mail out applications for 2007 Vikings Playoff Tickets. If the Vikings beat the Detroit Lions this Sunday, they are totally back in the N.F.L playoff hunt. Historically, the first round playoff games are a really soft ticket but if this Minnesota Vikings Team rallies for a Playoff spot on the Back of Adrian Peterson, I think the the band-wagon fans would storm the HHH Metrodome for a playoff game. I am sure that I have totally jinxed the Vikings by writing about them going to the NFL Playoffs but who cares, it is fun to consider. GO VIKINGS!!!

Saturday, November 24, 2007

Minnesota Wild Tickets Heating Up

Just as in years past, the market for Minnesota Wild Tickets, really started to heat up around Thanksgiving. Wild Tickets to the Wednesday Minnesota Wild game before Thanksgiving as well as the Friday Wild game after Thanksgiving were both tough Minnesota Wild Tickets to find. I am sure that it is due to the fact that people are always looking for something to do other than hang out with their relatives around the holidays. There is a Minnesota Wild game around Christmas versus the Detroit Red Wings on 12/22 that I am sure will turn out to be an extremely tough Wild Ticket to find. My advice to those of you that are interested in finding an excuse to get away from all of your annoying relatives around Christmas is to buy Minnesota Wild Tickets now before they all disappear and you have to stare at your great ants mole all night.

Friday, November 16, 2007

Van Morrison at Northrop Auditorium

I am jealous of all of you that were lucky enough to snag some Van Morrison Tickets for the show at Northrop Auditorium. Northrop will be an awesome place to see legendary Van Morrison. I didn't even realize that the show was announced until it was way too late to grab any Northrop Auditorium Tickets. Ever since Northrop Auditorium stopped using Ticketmaster, it has been hard to keep track of which shows are coming. You have to hand it to Northrop because they had Neil Young and they are going to have Van Morrison on stage at Northrop Auditorium. Not bad for an old Auditorium that was built a zillion years ago.

Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Golden Gopher Basketball Tickets

My hunch is that the hiring of Tubby Smith will lead to a resurgence in the popularity of the Minnesota Golden Gopher Basketball program. With this increased popularity, we will definitely see increased demand for the once untouchable Gopher Basketball Tickets. Back in the days of Clem Haskins, Golden Gopher Basketball Tickets were an extremely hot commodity. Dan Monson and numerous losing seasons caused Gopher Basketball Tickets to be as worthless as Timberwolves Tickets are today. I can't wait for a return to the days of a packed Williams Arena and a winning Gopher Basketball team. Unfortunately, there is a cost to the future success of the Minnesota Golden Gopher Basketball program and that is increased ticket prices.

Friday, November 2, 2007

Ticket King in St. Paul

I dropped my wife off at the Bruce Springsteen show in Saint Paul tonight and I couldn't help but notice that Ticket King has opened it's St. Paul office. It is conveniently located just a few doors down from the Eagle Street Grille which is right across the street from the Xcel Energy Center. by the looks of their extremely large sign, it looks as if they didn't screw around. I am sure that concert and sporting event goers will get used to either picking up their tickets at TicketKing or stopping by for last second deals on hard to find tickets. It is nice to have Minnesota's hometown ticket broker in St. Paul.