Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Great Deals on Rod Stewart Tickets

If you haven't purchased Rod Stewart Tickets yet for the show at the Xcel Energy Center on 4/25/2007 you are in luck. It looks like there are still great deals on excellent tickets for this show. It is possible to buy tickets on the main floor for less than the regular face value and still get them in time for the show. When I first saw that he was performing in the round at the Xcel Energy Center, I had a feeling that tickets wouldn't be selling for big bucks the day before the show but I had no idea that they would be this cheap. I am sure the show will be solid and tickets are cheap so I can't see any reason you shouldn't snap up some seats for this St. Paul Concert. Remember, the Xcel Energy Center is a great place to see a show!

Thursday, April 19, 2007

Cheap April Minnesota Twins Tickets

If you are interested in catching a Minnesota Twins baseball game, you can find very affordable options for the remaining April games. It looks like it is actually cheaper to buy Minnesota Twins Tickets from a Minnesota Ticket Broker than from the Minnesota Twins Ticket Office. I found lower level seats starting at only $9/Ticket for next weeks games against the Cleveland Indians and Kansas City Royals. Those same seats sell for closer to $20/Ticket at the Minnesota Twins Ticket. You should take advantage of the low prices now because starting with the series versus the Boston Red Sox, it appears as though there are very few bargains to be had. Enjoy a Minnesota Twins game at the HHH Metrodome for only $9/Ticket.

Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Minnesota Wild Playoff Tickets

I am sorry to keep talking about the Minnesota Wild and Minnesota Wild Playoff Tickets but there really isn't much going on in the Twin Cities ticket market right now. I just checked out www.minnesotawildtickets.com and you can get into the MN Wild game tonight for only $39/Ticket. Those same seats were selling for $99/Ticket before the Minnesota Wild laid an egg. Just like prices go up when a team wins, the prices go down when a team losses. It sounds like if you are still interested in checking out the Wild tonight you can buy seats online and pick up the tickets tonight right by the Xcel Energy Center.

Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Minnesota Wild Playoff Ticket Prices Dropping

I checked the status of the Minnesota Wild Playoff Ticket market and it appears as though the prices have really dropped for the game on 4/17 at the Xcel Energy Center. The very best lower level center ice seats that were selling for $299/Ticket yesterday are now selling for $259/Ticket. The only explanation that I can muster is that the game is being played on a Tuesday and that really screws up the demand. If this series goes to six games, look out for the price jump for the game on Saturday, April 21st. Minnesota Wild fans love Saturday evening games. GO WILD!!!

Monday, April 9, 2007

Minnesota Wild Playoff Dates Announced

The NHL announced the NHL Playoff Round One dates for the Minnesota Wild. Their home games at the Xcel Energy Center are 4/15 at 7:00, 4/17 at 8:00 and 4/21. It looks like seats just to get in for the game on 4/15 are going for $99/Ticket while tickets to the game on 4/17 start at $89/Ticket and tickets to the game on 4/21 start at $109/Ticket. The last time that the Minnesota Wild made it to the playoffs, the prices just kept going up so I would buy your tickets now and don't gamble that they will get cheaper. Also, be careful buying tickets outside of the Xcel Energy Center the day of the games. When tickets are this valuable, the scumbags that sell fake seats tend to come out of the woodwork.

Thursday, April 5, 2007

Inexpensive Harry Connick Jr. Tickets

For those of you who didn't snap up Harry Connick Jr. Tickets for the show tonight at the Orpheum Theatre in Minneapolis, Don't worry. I just checked online and seats are selling for less than face value and it looks like you can pick them up at Will-Call. I found eight seats together on the floor in row M for only $69/Ticket. That is a great deal considering that the same seats at the Historic Orpheum Theatre were selling for more than twice that amount a few weeks ago when I checked. It is not too late to get seats for Harry Connick's show tonight in Minneapolis but don't wait because at those prices, they won't last.

Tuesday, April 3, 2007

Minnesota Wild Playoff Tickets

Minnesota Wild Playoff Tickets were sent out this week to all Minnesota Wild Season Ticket Holders who chose to order them. The face value for the first round is very similar to the regular season face value. For example, lower level center ice seats that cost $74/Ticket for the regular season at the Xcel Energy Center are $88/Ticket for the first round of the playoffs and $100/Ticket for the second round. By the looks of what people are charging for those same seats, the Minnesota Wild could have gotten away with charging a lot more. They are currently being sold for around $250/Ticket for the first two games of the playoffs. I am definitely jealous of Minnesota Wild Season Ticket Holders.

Monday, April 2, 2007

Twins vs. Orioles Tickets Very Affordable

I was very surprised to log on to the my favorite ticket website and find Minnesota Twins Tickets versus the Baltimore Orioles for Opening Day starting at only $29/Ticket. The game was totally sold out at the Minnesota Twins Ticket Office and Johan Santana was pitching which generally means big buck$ for tickets. The only logical explanation that I can come up with is that people stayed home to watch the NCAA Final Four. I am very curious to see what happens to the Minnesota Twins Ticket market due to the increased amount of season tickets that were sold. Only time will tell.